T. Gondii


RTA T. gondii Real-Time PCR Kit is an in vitro nucleic acid amplification assay for the quantitation of T. gondii DNA in human blood samples. The kit is designed to be used as an aid in the management of cure for the patients with potential T. gondii infection in conjunction with all relevant clinical and laboratory findings.

RTA T. gondii Real—Time PCR Kit provides you everything needed for a reliable and efficient detection:

  • Very high sensitivity of detection
  • Extended linear range
  • Complete specificity for all relevant genotypes and subtypes
  • Whole process check by adding the internal control during extraction
  • 4 external quantitation standards calibrated against the WHO standards
  • Compatibility with widely used thermal cycler

RTA T. gondii Real—Time PCR Kit is perfectly designed to amplify and detect a highly conserved region within the T. gondii genome by Real Time PCR. It is possible to monitor the nucleic acid amount on—line, during the reaction utilizing hydrolysis probe method in which fluorescence emission increases proportionally to the DNA amount.

Sample Preparation: Nucleic acid extraction is a decisive step prior to qPCR since providing high yields of nucleic acid and removal of PCR inhibitors in turn improve the amplification efficiency and critical for avoiding false negative PCR results.

RTA T. gondii Real—Time PCR Kit has been validated for use with RTA Genomic DNA Isolation Kit from Blood for its best performance.